Gold-backed Cryptocurrency issuance infrastructure,recreate a world currency supported by the value of the gold standard.

problem & solution

Where transparency and efficiency meet

DaoGold has built a global service network to help corporate and individual user issue gold backed cryptocurrency, meanwhile achieved the global liquidity of gold with low friction.

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An asset management system you can trust

DaoGold does not handle Gold directly. Instead, multiple trust companies around the world interact with DaoGold on an API level to issue and redeem tokens.


Real time APIs to prove 1:1 parity

Trust companies use real time APIs for proof-of-Gold while DaoGold utilizes real time API for proof-of-token. Both of these values are displayed to our users in real time.


Third party auditing

We value the importance of openness and transparency. A third-party auditing firm will conduct an audit on a monthly basis, giving our users total peace of mind.



Multiple nodes worldwide for AML and storage of gold

To improve assets flow and legal compliance, DaoGold has established a worldwide network of AML checkpoints and gold storage pipelines. Based on where the customer is located, DaoGold can automatically switch between these nodes for the greatest efficiency.


Off-the-shelf widgets for issuances and redemptions

DaoGold offer a set of streamlined, customizable ecommerce-style widgets for the issuance and redemption of your tokens. The widgets can be embeded into your webpages or apps in minutes.

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key features

Daogold helps you issue gold backed cryptocurrency by offering

A global network of gold management nodes consisting of multiple third-party trust companies.

A blockchain-driven AML/KYC framework supported by global regulators.

Live APIs for real time token-gold-matching disclosure and auditing mechanism to ensure full reserve.

A set of streamlined, customizable ecommerce-style widgets to issue and redeem gold-backed cryptocurrency.

A Layered Smart Contract mechanism (LSC) supporting multiple contracts with programmed interface for third-party auditing.


What is DaoGold Power(DGP)?

In addition to being a leader in transparency and efficiency, DaoGold will adopt an ERC-20 governance token, DaoGold Power (DGP), to facilitate a community-governed issuance infrastructure. Owners of DGP enjoy voting rights, obtain gainsharing and are entitled to discounts on issuance and redemption fees. Total issuance amount of DGP is capped at 10 billion.


The following cryptocurrencies are built using DaoGold infrastructure, with more to come

1:1 backed by gold

coming soon

GD is the first gold backed cryptocurrency issued through Daogold infrastructure。 100% collateralized, legally protect, and transparently audited.

  • What is GD?

    GD is a cryptocurrency fully backed by gold, each GD token issued into circulation will be backed in a one to one ratio with the equivalent amount of corresponding physical Gold.

  • What is 1 GD equivalent to?

    1 GD is equal to 0.01 grams LBMA approved 99.99% physical gold.

  • who and why need GD?

    crypto traders need a stablecoin to hedge against risks, reduce exchange cost from cryptocurrency to fiat currency.

    People who live in war countries such as Syria and high inflation countries such as Venezuela need a stable cryptocurrency backed by gold (a global consensus asset) to transfer and protect their assets.

  • How do I know the gold is properly saved?

    Daogold will select international third-party vaults as vault partners in order to make sure the gold are highly secured and insured 24/7. Real time API allow customers track their depository anytime.

  • Do I have to go through KYC/AML Process?

    Yes. Current Regulation requires customers provide their name, address, ID card and so on in order to purchase or redeem GD.

  • How do I get GD?

    There are two ways you can get GD.

    1.Take your physical gold to the nearest Daogold infrastructure node for testing and refining, then corresponding GD will be sent to your wallet.

    2.Buy from exchanges that GD listed on.